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Uranus/Taurus Conjunction and the Wisdom of Nostradamus

We’ve been discussing Uranus’ move into Taurus for many months but again let’s go over the facts.   The only people old enough to remember the last time Uranus was in Taurus are 75 years plus  given the last time it was in Taurus was between1934-1942.     And the time before that cycle was 1850-1859. And in the 18thcentury it was between 1767-1775.     If you look at those dates you will note the obvious, that it marked the run up to major wars.   World War II started 1939 ending in 1945.   And although it was not global, the USA civil war that started in 1860 and had worldwide consequences.  And of course the USA revolution was in 1776.   Arguably the changes that took place during the run up of Uranus in Taurus were part and parcel to the wars.    And if you look at the very core of all three wars it is impossible to not over state that issues around ‘owning’ which is THE Taurus word, were critical to the wars.     Owning land.   Owning other humans.   Owning ‘values’.  Owning freedom.     Let's see how the astrological interpretation compares to Tarot. In this case: a reading with the Nostradamus Tarot (by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan)


The energy is palpable! A Cosmic Shift of immense proportions is happening with the conjunction of Uranus and Taurus. Described in depth by astrologer Margaret Wendt, this confluence was experienced three other times in our history. During the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and World War II. The following article focused on this conjunction is well worth the read.  
Let's take a look at this unfolding with Tarot, in this case, the NOSTRADAMOS TAROT, using The  Wheel of Centuries spread.

A Tarot spread describes the teachings of The Universe concerning any particular question and charts a suggested course of action we are to take in regards to that question. We have Free Will, however, to follow the directives or not. This is our Choice. Even when we ask a question concerning a major event, each of us is part of the matrix of that event's influence and will be affected by it in some way.  This is where Metaphysics comes right up against Quantum thought.  Our action or non action can affect the morphogenic field either positively or negatively. So, let's see what this event has in store for us?

Our question is: What is the significant affect of this conjunction of energies (Uranus/Taurus) on our world and/or on us, at this time?
The Center Card represents the heart of the matter: THE MAGICIAN (Upright)
Card 1: When did this event show itself?: THE HEIROPHANT (Reversed)
Card 2: How did it manifest?: 9 of Moons (Reversed)
Card 3:  What is the cause?  JUDGEMENT (Upright)
Card 4:  Why or How do you engage with this? 10 of Moons (Up)
Card 5:  Who do you want to see involved? THE NEOPHYTE (Rev)
Card 6:  If you could change one issue, what would it be? 3 of Spheres (Rev)
Card 7:  Which factors or influences guide you now? THE INITIATE (Rev)
Card 8:  Where do we go next? 2of Spheres (Rev)

Meanings:This card is associated with ego. The Magician causes things to happen. Skill-Diplomacy-Cleverness- Trickery-Subtlety-Mind over matter- Certainty
Prophetic Reference: All kinds of strange beliefs and skills manifest. Possibly the end of the twentieth century, when belie in alternate spirituality was at its height.
Quartain: “ Kings and princes will raise up images-
                Augeries rising on a flood of interpretation”

Card 1: THE HIEROPHANT (reversed)
Meanings: A powerful man we turn to for guidance, yet we are tempered by doubts and caution. There is a real danger that to accept guidance from this person may lead to increased problems. Also represents personal convictions or beliefs that outweigh more established institutions. Dogmatism-Hypocrisy-Weakness-Instability=Inflexible morality-Turning away from established truths.
Quatrain: “Eyes closed(but) open to ancient imagination
                Monkish habits will count for nothing”
prophetic reference: Period in which old traditions are seen to have great value.


Card 2: 9 of Moons (reversed)
Meanings: We find a successful outcome and gift of problems solving tempered by a delight in pleasure and winning for its own sake which can unbalance us if we are not careful. Errors and imperfections under positive aspects of freedom, loyalty and honesty. Speaking your mind may get you in worse trouble than keeping silent. Fault-Error-Imperfection-Honesty-Loyalty-Candor-Freedom-Affluence
Quartrain:”Joy to those humans who renew the promise
                Health, fertility, joy and a time of honey”

Card 3: JUDGEMENT (upright)
Meanings: A dangerous words, at the center the pope stands calm and strong in an attitude of protection.. judgmental figures or organization that has power over one. Or one’s own inner judge weighing the pros and cons, needing to decide for themselves what is appropriate action. Generally appears when there is a crossroads. Indicates difficulty in reaching a clearly defined position, ability to change or acknowledge the need for change. Stasis-Postponement-Weakness-Disappointment-Procrastination-Alienation-Delay-Indecision
Quartrain:”Scythes will come to expose the land
                Monumental Urns will be opened”

Card 4: 10 of Moons (upright)
Meanings:Outer show of strength may hide a darker reality. You may regard your home, city, town, village as the center of the Universe and those who live within it are your tribe.But be careful of becoming overwhelmed or your ego inflated by the attention of others. Quarrels with family member may become frequent events. You may find yourself engaged in physical combat with those who have upset you. Home-Country-Public honor-Welfare-Security-Contentment-People
Quartrain:”The tree which has for so long been dried up, dead
                In one night will become verdant again”

Card 5:THE NEOPHYTE (reversed)
Meanings: The characters of the Neophyte becomes weak and vacillating, given over to the envy of the accomplishments of others, seeking to seduce those that can help them further the course of their life. Weak-willed-heartache-envy-Jealousy-Flattery-Seduction
Quartrain: “The ambassador sent forth by a smalll envoy
                 Midway he is pushed back by one unknown”

Card 6: 3 of Spheres (reversed)
Meanings: Unable to carry out the work one is given or one’s approach is to spend too much of your employer’s money and produce a substandard product. You will achieve greatness only if you apply yourself honestly to your work. Obscurity-Wastefulness-Extravagance-Childishness-Laziness-Mediocrity
Quartrain:”The newcomers (from) an undefended place
                will dwell in a previously uninhabited land”

Card 7: THE INITIATE (reversed)
Meanings: Deceitful and seductive, a cheat and a trickster who will lead you astray or encourage you to do the very thing you shouldn’t. Guile-Seduction-Fraud-Cunning-A cheat- A trickster-A villian-Deception
Quartrain: “The new philosopher of a single mind has already perceived
                “The moon in the depths night on the high mountain”

Card 8: 2 of Spheres (reversed)
Meanings: Though you may be successful and full of bounty and well-being you may find it requires a lot of attention and time to sustain.You are successful but caught up in a web of financial double dealing. Keep a careful eye on finances at this time or you may become a victim of injustice or confusion.Ignorance-Injustice-Financial distress- A letter
Quartrain: “Two bodies, one head, forces divided in two
                 Reply to what four are hearing”

OK, so what does it all mean? And how does one go about interpreting the puzzle? First read each piece individually and relate it to the question posed in each section. Take it in. Close your eyes and feel it. How do you feel about this information intuitively. Go through all eight positions this way.  Then stand back and look at the whole. How does that “speak” to you?

I fear I may be a bit biased but this certainly sounds to me like our present political situation and our current President. The last position hints at some financial crisis in answer to “What is next?” It will be interesting to see what unfolds.

But I want to hear from you. Contact me with your thoughts about this reading anime during the month of June and be entered in a drawing to win a one hour free consultation with Soul Wisdom Tarot. Send your thoughts to Blessings.




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