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NOSTRADAMAS PREDICTS: Trump's next 100 days

As you know, I offered the wisdom of The Hawaiian Oracle to "predicts the new administration's first 100 days. I think you would agree with me that the results have been uncanny, to say the least. So, given  recent political events, I decided to cast ahead for another 100 days, and, because I am feeling just a tad stressed and pessimistic, decided to refer to "The Lost Tarot of Nostradamas". So as not to color the reading, I have simply quoted from the accompanying text authored by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan.

WARNING! I think you will find this projection a bit disconcerting. Especially since the reading presages events tied to specific astrological markers, primarily  a complete Solar Eclipse which will be viewed in the Northern Hemisphere on August 21 of this year! This gives us a relevant timing marker towards which we can judge the unfolding events.


The narrative of the cards suggests intrigue, power plays, betrayal , the struggle between the "Haves and have nots" AND even references "FAKE NEWS"!

Would LOVE to hear your comments!


1 of Stars; (R)
Quatrain :
“ Ignorant jealousy is upheld before the great king
He will propose a defense of the writings”
Meanings: punishment, Excessive commitment, anger, threat, embarrassment, foolish
behavior, paranoia.
“Power can overwhelm those who tap into it. This card favors and intellectual response
rather than emotional.It indicates the need to strip away outworn ideas to reveal the
truth at the heart of the matter.”


10 of Stars (U)
Quatrain III:34
“When the sun’s eclipse shall come
The monster will be seen in broad daylight”

note: a solar eclipse will be seen on Aug. 21,2017
Meanings: points to disaster and disappointment, tho there may be a glimmer of hope.
the sense of pain and ruin can be mitigated and can move towards freedom and a new
beginning depending on the surrounding cards.


Postulant of Stars (R)
Quatrain VI:48
“A holiness too quiet and beguiling
Together with a foretelling tongue”
Meanings: Lack of preparation, powerlessness, weakness, an impostor
He is often at a loss for words and compensates by embroidering the truth. Exacerbates
problems by exaggerating or putting on an act


Prophetess of Moons (R)
Quartrain III:4
“Cold, dryness, danger around borders
Even where the oracle had its beginnings”
Meaning: An untrustworthy friend, dishonor, corruption, false guidance, emotional


I of Spheres (U0
Quatrains I:27
“Not far from there, a treasure hidden
Which for many centuries has been sequestered”
Meaning: Happiness, contentment, prosperity, accomplishment


The Fool (U)
Quatrain: V:76
“He will pitch his tent in free places
Rather than be lodged in cities”
Meaning:Aimlessness, distraction,mistakes, carelessness, un -wisdom, recklessness
The Fool is literally a wild card, beckoning you to follow wherever he leads
THE RUN: the next four cards show how the person we ask about is affected by his
environment, leading to the possible, and culminating in an Outcome.


IV Suns (R)
Quatrain VIII:64
“Those of the soil will be sustained by it,
The spade will give hope to every acre”
Meaning: The unity of a stable society. Re-establish old alliances which have been
neglected. Acknowledge the value of friends as well as tried and trusted ideas
Prosperity, advancement success,good luck, romance


3 of suns (R)
Quatrain IV:28
“When venus is covered by the sun
Then beneath its splendor will it be hidden”

Meaning: Disempowered, getting a new project underway may seem too much of a
struggle.Hidden motives, distrust, treachery, hope, struggle, deceit


X of Suns (U)
Quatrain: VIII:20
“The false message about a faked election
Runs through the city, the ruptured pact is cancelled”

The card refers to the carrying of burdens, to treachery, to people bearing false witness
against you and resulting injustice.It is implied that, if you weather the storm there is
great reward. There are also warnings of plots against you, intrigue, hypocrisy, with
either loss of earnings of illness resulting.
Meanings: Burdens, treachery, forgery, false witness, injustice, cruelty, Travel , great
reward, intrigue, plotting, lack of substance


Hierophant (R)
Quatrain II:!2
“Eyes closed (but) open to ancient imagination,
Monkish habits will count for nothing”
The Hierophant represents a person whose wisdom is supreme to whom we might turn
for advice or guidance but there is the sense that tempers the belief in this person’s
power with doubt and caution. There is a real danger in accepting this person’s
guidance. It may lead to greater danger. There is a strong person or institution to which
we might turn for help or guidance. We can turn away from such authority figures,
replacing their wisdom with our own-with all attendant problems this may bring. Can
represent personal convictions or beliefs that out weigh the more established
Meanings: Religious conviction or belief, Mercy, Esoteric knowledge,Tradition,
Inspiration, Good advice


V of Suns(U)


"The laws of Sun and Venus contend with each other

(Over who) will claim the spirit of prophecy"

There is an element of struggle and the contest for wealth and power. It points to the dangers of too much success, living life too full. Overconfidence leads to a breakdown in communication and lesser degree of success. When everything is handed to you on a silver platter, we tend to forget that wealth has a shadow aspect. Wealth is often associated with power but there are a multitude of weaknesses hiding bebeath.

Meanings: Dispute, litigation, Conflict, Contention, Overweening pride, rivalry, luxury

from "The Lost Tarot of Nostradamas" by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan





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