GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE. Call 401-847-6551 to request. Any denomination available.
  GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE. Call 401-847-6551 to request. Any denomination available.



TRANCE JOURNEY to Connect to your Spirit Guide

BEGINNING APRIL 23, 2018, 6-8PM at Northern Lights
Begin by taking a Shamanic Journey to connect with your Spirit Guide, a Compassionate Spirit who can assist you in your healing work.

Then travel around the Wheel of the Year as you obtain the skills and knowledge to become a Shaman for your community. Among the things you will learn; Aligning with your Spirit Guide(s);Listening and understanding your dreams; Building and using Sacred Fire in ritual and ceremony; Working with Plant Spirit Medicine through wildcrafting; Becoming a Link of Light between Gaia and Compassionate Spirits of Healing and more!
Classes held at Northern Lights Holistic and in other locations.$35 per class.

To pre-register call 401-293-5655 or go to


Book your group lecture or workshop NOW!

Topics include:

  • Soul Wisdom Tarot Certification Workshop: This four part workshop teaches students how to become both a reader and Spiritual guide.
  • Introduction to a Holistic Tarot; Offers an understanding of how Tarot works and how you can use it for personal empowerment.
  • Reiki I & II certification and Karuna Reiki
  • Priestess Initiation/Shaman apprenticeship
  • The History and Mystery of the Labyrinth; This powerpoint presentation covers the history and healing uses of the Labyrinth form.
  • Guided Labyrinth walks; Students learn how to build a labyrinth and create and use it for meaningful ceremonie.
  • Urban Shamanism
  • Holiday Stress Busters
  • Solstice Evergreen; A family friendly tour of the celebration of Light from around the world
  • Book Signing and talk; "HOLISTIC TAROT;Soul Map for a New Paradigm" reveals the connection between new paradigm concepts and the metsphysical art of Tarot and how Tarot can be used as a guide towards Spiritual self empowerment.

Contact Cris to set up times and dates at 401-662-6642

"Chris, it was wonderful to finally meet you and to experience your warm heart and guidance. I was wishing to find a mentor to help me on my healing path with shamanism, and it feels right with you." E. Cameron


"When it comes to Holistic Tarot, Cris McCullough is the go to person in the industry of Divination. Her understanding and intense intuitive insights are sharp, clear and frankly, amazing!" Terry Wildemann, CEC, CPCC, CPBA Certified Success Coach and author


"Dear Cris, Thank you aas always for your kind insights, and kind words. Your do more than just readings. With Gratitude Dianna"


"Dear Cris, Always thanks so much for being there for me. I always find your readings to be helpful and appreciate your time. Eileen B."


"I truly am in awe of the depth, breadth and understanding of Tarot symbology, history and psychology that is presented in THE HOLISTIC TAROT. Cris McCullough has synthesized it all in a book that is really accessible and utterly original. On behalf of Tarot readers everywhere, thank you for a treasure of a book." Victoria Williams, psychotherapist and reader in residence, Kripalau, Lenox, MA




Call 401-662-6642 or 401-847-6551 to set up your personal consultation NOW!

MC, Visa, check or cash accepted.

Gift certificates can be mailed to you or your intended recipient or you can make arrangements to pick it up.

GIFT CERTIFICATES can also be acquired at Northern Lights Holistic, 204 B Clock Tower Plaza, Portsmouth, RI 02871. Call 401-293-5655

TAROT is a metaphysical tool that empowers both  seeker AND reader to access their Higher Wisdom Guides. TAROT reveals your personal Soul Map, the Soul information available to you to help you make the BEST decisions for navigating your future. Holistic Tarot includes the additional wisdom gained through integration of crystals, angel oracles,Spiritual Astrology and Numerology and other healing modalities to give the seeker the most helpful and accurate information possible.
6 Classes/ Certification. $220 for the series or $35 per individual class. BEGINS APRIL 3 2018 TO MAY 8

at Northern Lights Holistic, 204B Clock Tower Plaza, Portsmouth RI 401-293-5655

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