GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE. Call 401-847-6551 or 401-662-6642 to request. Any denomination available.
  GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE. Call 401-847-6551 or 401-662-6642 to request. Any denomination available.

  Wedding Party Newport: Rituals for the Otherwise Minded: Let your unique expression of Love become your forever after.

     Rhode island was known, in Colonial times, as "The Place of the Otherwise Minded". We were the first colony to welcome and  accept all religions  and faiths to our shores.

WEDDING PARTY NEWPORT carries on that illustrious tradition.

     I became an ordained non-denominational minister in 1995, dedicated to offering weddings and life transforming services which express every couple's unique passion and energy.

     I have had the honor of presiding at weddings from Vermont to Florida.  Weddings have been performed at some of Newport's  most beautiful destinations; Breton Point, Easton's Beach Rotunda, Newport Yachting Center, The Edward King House, Belle Mer, Gooseberry Beach, and Castle Hill.

Ceremonies have also been performed at The Carnegie Center in Washington, DC, Von Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont, Fort Barton in Tiverton, RI, Palm Beach in Florida, Colt State Park in Bristol, RI.

     Whether you choose a simple backyard wedding with a BarBQue, at the family farm, a wedding on a rock just off shore from Atlantic Beach Club(because that is where you celebrated your proposal), on a boat like The Adirondack or dressed up in Militia garb or as a Knight and his lady at King Richard's Faire (because you are re-enactors), I believe that however and wherever you seek to express LOVE is a SACRED PLACE and I am ready to help you express your Unique Soul Vision.


My fee for service includes creating the ceremony of your dreams. Each ceremony I create is a unique expression of your personal story and journey towards Love. I can help you write your vows, find the perfect destination and put you in touch with helpful support, from music to gifts. Check out my Links Page for referrals for everything from destinations to florists, bakery to music.


Fees range from $200 to $500 complexity of the ceremony and includes a free introductory meeting, creating your unique ceremony, rehearsal, actual ceremony and taking care of filing appropriate paper work. All you have to do is enjoy your special day! (Travel and lodging outside of Rhode Island may be negotiated on a case by case basis.)


I can be reached at Wedding Party Newport , 401-662-6642.



Apply for the marriage license in person

Both people must apply for the license in person and sign the application in the presence of a city or town clerk or his or her assistant. Please be sure to contact the city or town office where you will apply for the license to verify their identification requirements and hours open to the public.

Rhode Island residents:

  • If both applicants live in Rhode Island, apply for the license from the city/town clerk of the residence of either applicant. The marriage license is valid in any city or town in Rhode Island and the couple may be married anywhere in Rhode Island.
  • If one applicant lives in Rhode Island the license must be issued from that applicant's city/town of residence.


  • If neither applicant lives in Rhode Island, the marriage license must be obtained at the city or town clerk's office where the ceremony will take place. Rhode Island law states that the marriage license is valid only in the city or town in which it was issued. If the ceremony is performed in a city or town other than where it was issued, the validity of the marriage may be in question.

Provide required identification and legal documents

Proof of Birth Facts and Identification

  • Most cities and towns require certified copies of your birth certificates and a valid government issued picture ID.
  • Please be sure to contact the city or town clerk where you will apply for the marriage license to verify their requirements and hours of operation.

Permit to Marry for Minors and Persons Under Legal Guardianship

  • A Minor's Permit to Marry must be completed for any applicant under the control of a parent or guardian if 16 or 17 years of age. The permit may be obtained from the city or town clerk where the license will be issued and should be signed and notarized in the presence of the city or town clerk issuing the license.
  • Applicants under the age of 16 cannot get a marriage license in the state of Rhode Island without the approval of Family Court.

Proof That Previous Marriages, Civil Unions or Registered Domestic Partnerships Have Ended

  • If either applicant has been previously married, civilly united or in a registered domestic partnership, and the previous marriage, civil union or registered domestic partnership ended in divorce, dissolution or death, that person must present a certified copy of the FINAL decree of divorce or dissolution, or a certified copy of the death certificate to the city or town clerk.
  • The couple must give the license to the officiant.

Accurate information

  • Any person who willfully and knowingly supplies false information intending that the information be used in the preparation of a marriage license shall be punished by a fine of not more than $1,000 or imprisoned not more than one year, or both, pursuant to Section 23-3-28 of the RI General Laws.

Pay for the license

Marriage licenses cost $24.



"Dear Cris, I don't think we'll be able to thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony. It was my favorite part of the entire day. Thank you so much for making our day so special and memorable.

Much Love, Nikki and Domenic"


" Cris, Thank you so much for performing a beautiful ceremony on such short notice for us! I especially loved the Celtic warrior blessing. Love Always, Heather, Alex & Madison"


"Dear Cris, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for doing our ceremony-when Bill and I first started talking about who should do it I thought of you right away--you've been totally great about helping us figure out what we want, and giving us ideas to work from. It's nice to know the person doing the ceremony personally-it makes it that much more special. Love and hugs Kim and Bill"



Call 401-662-6642 or 401-847-6551 to set up your personal consultation NOW!

MC, Visa, check or cash accepted.

Gift certificates can be mailed to you or your intended recipient or you can make arrangements to pick it up.

GIFT CERTIFICATES can also be acquired at Northern Lights Holistic, 204 B Clock Tower Plaza, Portsmouth, RI 02871. Call 401-293-5655

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